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“We will minimise our impact on the environment by responsible management of all our business activities.”

  • Protect our environment from operational impacts by operating a Certified Environmental Management Systems at all sites
  • Preserve and where possible enhance habitats and wildlife for the future.
  • Promote biodiversity and respect Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).
  • Manage our waste responsibly.

Please see our Environmental Management Certificate BSI 14001

Please see our Sustainability Policy

Waste Management

MQP produces its products as part of fully integrated production processes and has the ability to flex its yields to eliminate making waste products.

The Waste Hierarchy is based around the model of Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Disposal with the most favoured option being to reduce waste and the least favoured option being the disposal of waste.

Sustainability Diagram

REDUCE - MQP manages its waste responsibly by reducing it wherever possible. Waste management targets are set to reduce the use of virgin aggregate and fuel oils.

REUSE - Asphalt plants are targeted to reuse all waste asphalt and filler and through partnerships with west midland foundries we use waste resin sands in dense base Asphalts.

RECYCLE - With all units being set recycling targets for the use of foundry sand and wrap materials we aim to make a 20% saving on virgin aggregate. Working with our fuel suppliers all of our asphalt plants now use waste oil (PFO) rather than gas oil with targets set to improve burn rate and initiatives put in place such as improved burner ignition. Other initiatives include the recycling of all our waste paper.

DISPOSAL - Segregation of waste streams at our sites results in more than 70% being recycled rather than being sent to landfill.

MQP is working with its customers to reduce the amount of paper used for invoicing etc by developing on line document retrieval and EDI/ email invoicing. For more info please contact

MQP Maxi Range
MQP Maxi Range

MQPs Maxi Range is a suite of asphalt products designed as flexible solutions for today's demands.