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Environmental Policy

To download our Environmentaly Policy click here

Midland Quarry Products has a commitment within its Operations to:-

  • Establish an Environmental Management System which clearly defines responsibilities for implementing and monitoring Environmental matters.

  • Actively promote a reduction of the Environmental impact of its operations by seeking to continually improve on the values obtained by monitoring and measuring.

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant statutory requirements, permissions, consents and authorisations together with those relating to relevant Codes of Practice.

  • Preserve resources by elimination of wastage, reduction, re-use and recycling where possible.

  • Ensure that the Environmental Objectives and Targets set at the Annual Management Review are monitored for continuing improvement at the Management Executive Meetings.

  • Ensure that the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System is regularly reviewed and maintained on a minimum annual basis with respect to the overall achievement of Environmental Objectives and Targets and the effectiveness of the Policy.

  • Ensure that the Policy is understood and implemented throughout the Company and that staff are aware of their responsibilities to the Environmental Management System and have adequate authority, training and resources to discharge them.

  • Actively promote the Company Environmental Management System and Policy to the local residents, authorities and all individuals who may be affected by the Environmental impact of the site by communication at Liaison Committee meetings, Parish Council meetings, Site Open Days and regular visits to schools and other institutions.

  • Ensure regulated cleaning and maintenance of operations, the immediate environment, fixed and mobile plant and encourage the scheme to include all visitors and contractors to the site.

  • Ensure that all risks to the environment are considered as part of the operational process.

  • Actively promote continuous improvement throughout the company.

MQP Maxi Range
MQP Maxi Range

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