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MQP Launch Carbon Calculator

We are launching an online Carbon Calculator Tool which will allow you, our customers to calculate the carbon emissions for either your asphalt or aggregate collections or deliveries to your project sites.

We are committed to working with our customers to reduce the impact on the environment. To date we have concentrated on reducing the carbon emissions generated by our processes and developing a comprehensive range of low carbon alternative products such as Low Energy Asphalt (LEA). The next step is to give you, our customers the opportunity to measure the carbon content of the products you are using and therefore understand the opportunities you have to reduce your carbon impact on the environment.

The tool is based on the industry standard ‘asPECT’ carbon calculator. You will be able to make multi product selections to create whole scheme product calculations and you will see the carbon content of the products you are ordering in a simple user friendly manner.

The calculator will also give the carbon emission levels for our equivalent low carbon products such as LEA and enable you to request a quotation or ask for advice on product choices.

We believe giving you this information and the opportunity to use low carbon alternatives will help you to measure and understand your carbon footprint and, together with us, take steps to reduce it.

Click here to try out the calculator

28 July 2011