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MQP assist with rock donation

Hartshill Parish Council has remembered the former home of a local VIP thanks to MQP.

Michael Drayton (1563-1631) was born and lived in Hartshill, near the former MQP Jees/Boon quarry near Nuneaton. He was a famous English poet, who came to prominence in the Elizabethan era and was even favoured at the court of Elizabeth.  He was a friend of William Shakespeare, some rumoured he was actually the bard!  He is buried at poets corner in Westminster Abbey.

MQP donated a large piece of local granite rock to Hartshill Parish Council and a suitable commemorative plaque was subsequently fixed on the rock to mark the spot where Michael Drayton's house stood at Hartshill Green.   

John Randle, Chairman of Hartshill Parish Council said: "The Council was keen to honour and remember the spot where Michael Drayton lived as a record of historical importance. I am delighted with the help and support that MQP has provided helping us to realise this project." 

Photo caption: John Randle, Chairman of Hartshill Parish Council (centre) with David Bagshaw, Managing Director of MQP (far right) and Richard Nevin, New Cliffe Hill Quarry Manager (far left) also of MQP 

12 April 2017