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MQP prevents Motorway chaos

An MQP Franchisee Driver saved the day for thousands of motorists last week when an escaped dog was causing havoc on the M5 bringing traffic to a standstill.

Peter Wright, lorry driver at Jay Nicklin Haulage , saved the day by catching the escaped pooch after it had brought gridlock and misery on the motorway for over an hour.

Police stopped traffic on the M5 whilst they attempted to catch the dog around West Bromwich. 

Luckily for everyone, sharp eyed Peter, from Ludlow, spotted the canine near his parked lorry between junctions 1 and 2. 

Peter said:   “As I got on the motorway, signs were saying that there were animals on the loose.  I was expecting it to be horses or something but then I spotted a dog near my lorry.  I got out and managed to find a lead and tied it around the dog’s neck. He was quick a big dog, similar to an Alsatian and I managed to stand with him by the side of the motorway until the patrol van arrived. He was very friendly but tired from running.”

Highways England praised Peter's quick actions in saving the dog and allowing thousands to continue their journey. 

02 May 2017