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“We will achieve more with less through reducing the use of energy, and other resources.”

  • Manage our natural resources responsibly promoting the policy of “Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle”
  • Reduce our use of energy and hence emissions of green house gases in all our business activities.
  • Develop new products/facilities to continuously reduce the amount of energy we use and hence the carbon footprint of our business and that of our customers.

Here are some of the initiatives that we have adopted in support of our desire to achieve more with less.

Recycling centre at Groby

In May 2010 we established a recycling centre at our Groby Quarry in Leicestershire. Here the importation of customer’s waste such as road planning’s and construction arisings reduces the amount going to land fill.
Materials currently come in from Leicestershire County Council for reprocessing to produce a GSB Type 1.

Reduce Energy

A best practice innovation for saving fuel (carbon) on asphalt burner ignition systems was published in the May 2010 Journal of the Institute of Quarrying.

We have successfully eliminated any virgin fuel oils from our West Midlands asphalt plants by replacing the old pilot light with an ignition system.  The plant now uses 100% reclaimed fuel a 99% reduction in carbon.

MQP uses:

  • Smart metering
  • Half hour metering
  • computerised weigh bridge ticketing
  • custom built software to monitor and track fuel, gas, water and electricity

These enable traceability and evidence of supply and usage across all company operations.

We use an overall energy tracker to produce key carbon/energy data in kilowatt hours per tonne of product produced/kg carbon per tonne of product produce as well as litres of fuel used per heavy plant vehicle.

Energy trackers are also produced at a Unit level for managers, which are then sub divided into each working section of the plant and equipment giving up to date details on energy usage and carbon/kilowatt hour data per tonne of product produced.
All units are set targets and objectives to reduce energy consumption with a 3% carbon reduction on the previous year’s energy usage being targeted through unit, dept and individual KPI’s.

Heavy plant on site at Cliffe Hill (dumpers and shovels) has been replaced with energy efficient machines. This has also included eco driver training, engine management systems and auto tyre pressure monitoring.

Dumper and loading shovel

Proactive engine management to ensure maximum fuel efficiency includes regular engine oil sampling to monitor engine condition.

SOP’S (standard operating procedures) are issued which cover start up, shut down routines to maximise throughput and energy usage. Also 5s auditing has been implemented with departmental teams made accountable for the efficient and safe use of plant and equipment as well as maximising production and optimising energy usage.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schemes ensure maintained and fuel efficient process plant and mobile plant which optimises energy usage.

Work has taken place to move to low energy lights, soft starts and campaigns like switch off when not in use.  These along with modifications to start up/shut down times of process plant and conveyors etc and additional sub metering all aid the aim of energy reduction.

Conservation of aggregate has taken place with the depletion of long standing stock piles resulting in less blasted rock being required.  This along with washing of the products to conserve aggregate with the resultant clay being sold to the brick yards to conserve their virgin clay soils all support our aim to Reduce Re-use and Recycle.

Future Changes to design mixes to include low temp asphalt are being trailed which will eliminate the need to heat the mixture, thus saving on fuel.

Carbon Management

SavE energy flyers have been produced for the workforce highlighting things that can be done in the office or units to save energy.

MQP employees are rewarded for achieving carbon reduction targets.

Our Carbon Day workshops in Sept 2010 were a great success with the employees attending 3 work stations on Fuel, Power and Environmental impact with discussion and learning to both highlight the MQP plan and what we can all contribute.

MQP employees attend ECO drive training and equipment management seminars to understand how best to get the value out of the new equipment.  They learnt techniques that could reduce fuel usage by 15%, reducing carbon emissions, minimising wear and tear on the machines, boosting productivity and lowering driver physical and mental fatigue.

It is planned to hold an ECO drive training day at Cliffe Hill where all mobile plant operators will undergo the training offered by Finnings/Caterpillar to help us improve on our fuel usage / carbon reduction plan.

Did you know…. a 1% reduction in tyre pressure = 5% more fuel usage

MQP has five Energy Champions who have attended workshops held by the Carbon Trust. The underlying message was that in order to reduce our carbon footprint we all need to work together.  By changing our outlook and perceptions, we can all make a positive contribution towards cutting carbon emissions and therefore driving down our costs too!

MQP now have an ‘Opportunities Database’ that we can use to help prioritise the ideas that are being put forward.  The database is used by inputting a few figures on current energy usage and the predicted cost, to work out the potential cost saving and payback time for each job. 

Whether it turns, burns, lights, pumps or crushes, site Energy Champions are switched on to finding ways to make it run more efficiently. They are focused on channelling ideas coming in from across the business.

Carbon workshops are a regular occurrence around the business helping all employees to see how they can contribute.

A monthly flyer is used to communicate to all employees, highlighting carbon reduction targets/achievements/initiatives/training along with the same for safety.

PDF SavE Downloads

MQP SavE Introduction PDF

MQP SavE Bulletin 1 PDF

MQP SavE Bulletin 3 PDF

MQP SavE Bulletin 7 PDF

MQP is currently working towards achieving BES 6001


MQP Maxi Range
MQP Maxi Range

MQPs Maxi Range is a suite of asphalt products designed as flexible solutions for today's demands.