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We strive for the prevention of injury and ill health in the workplace. We value our workforce and by recruitment, selection and development of employees, contractors and suppliers, ensure that they are appropriately skilled and competent to carry out their roles. We strive for the fair treatment of our employees and everyone in our supply chain.

We provide employment, economic activity using local sourcing and local business where appropriate and practical, and build our business on the basis of responsible practices. We encourage ouremployees, contractors, visitors and supply chain to operate in accordance with these practices and we actively engage with our customers, communities and other stakeholders to promote their wider adoption.

We identify and consult with local community stakeholders affected by our operations. We inform our customers about the functional, environmental and safety performance of our products. We engage with our stakeholders to encourage innovative development of our products, services and manufacturing systesm to continually improve sustainable performance throughout the product lifecycle and build a profitable and sustainable business.

At MQP the Health and Safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and the general public is a priority. Zero harm is at the top of the agenda from the board room to the shop floor. We are proud of our safety record but are not complacent and recognise that having a safe working environment takes commitment, time and our constant attention.All new employees have role specific induction programmes which incorporate extensive health and safety elements.

Mates in mind.

In 2018 MQP with Hanson is working closely with the Charity Mates in Mind to raise awareness of mental health issues and educate employees to recognise warning signs and offer support.  The aim is for 50% of employees to have completed the health awareness sessions by the end of 2018.  The year will also include health and wellbeing activities/challenges with the aim of raising money for Mates in Mind.  For more information on Mates in Mind click here

The recent requirement of all companies with 250 or more employees on 5 April 2017 to publish details of their gender pay and bonus gap has seen Hanson (MQP’s parent company) to voluntarily publish their consolidated UK data.  Hanson acknowledges that it does have a gender pay gap when it compares overall average pay and bonuses for men and women but this is due to the unequal distribution of men and women across the company, not as a result of pay polices.  Hanson UK are committed to equal pay for equal work which is evidenced and controlled in the assessment of annual performance ratings and reward practises used to check for unconscious gender bias in their allocation.  The use of Hay job evaluation methodology to grade staff roles underpins pay policies and practices along with the completion of a gender skew audit as part of annual salary reviews.


Hanson (MQP’s Parent) has joined the campaign for gender balance in science, technology & engineering by becoming a corporate member of Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). Visit to learn more.

MQP operates sustainability working matters groups, who hold regular meetings and feed into Management meetings on all sustainability issues.

MQP values its workforce and strives to ensure that all are safe, competent and empowered to carry out their duties.

Improvements in welfare facilities have been made to enable control of Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) which is present in our rock.  This has included a number of boot washing and personal vacuum booths for each plant and welfare facilities.  These will give a better control of the dust that our processes make and reduction / prevention has become a high priority. 

The overall aim is that everybody becomes their own Safety Champion. We must all be committed to ensuring the safety, health and environmental aspects of ourselves and fellow colleagues.

A monthly flyer is produced for all employees which communicates safety and carbon reduction targets/achievements/initiatives/training along with environment initiatives, community engagement activities and employee well being topics.

MQP’s community engagement includes its support for local charities, in particular the company’s nominated charity Rainbows Hospice (make this a link to go to rainbows) along with school visits, Community Action Plans, inviting local communities to Public Meetings when planning issues arise.

All sites also participate in the MPA (Mineral Products Association) Stay Safe campaign which involves radio and TV broadcasts, visits to schools and visual aids for community support officers. For more info on Staying Safe around quarries visit the MPA website

The company encourages community liaison.  It supports many local community projects and promotes good relationships with its neighbours through Quarry Liaison Committees. The committees, that consist of local residents, councilors and officials meet on a regular basis to discuss and resolve any issues which may arise regarding quarry development, biodiversity etc.


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