Water and biodiversity

We are committed to the principles of environmental stewardship and seek to apply these throughout our operations and our supply chain. We manage and restore sites to ensure land remains of value in its local environment, protecting and enhancing biodiveristy and safeguarding geodiversity where appropriate.

We respect and protect our national heritage and we optimise our distribution operations to minimise social and environmental impacts. We use water efficiently and reognise that we must safeguard this resource by recycling where possible to reduce consumption and protect water quality in the natural environment.

The SSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) at Groby Asphalt plant saw heavy horse power used to assist with coppicing work carried out. It was decided due to the difficult ground conditions to use traditional horse power to remove the felled trees.  Breeze the horse was used to drag the lumber out.  (photos Aug 17)

Each site has a specific Biodiversity plan, containing habitat creation, targets for species and habitats, identification of biodiversity management compartments where broad biodiversity management objectives are identified that aim to retain, consolidate and enhance features of interest.  It also identifies statutory obligations in respect of species or habitats at the site.

At Clee Hill Quarry we have been working with Environmental consultants to create Newt ponds.  The habitat will be enhanced by adding British native vegetation to the ponds (such as water mint, brooklime and broadleaved pond weed) also large areas will be planted with native seeds and approximately 50 trees, along with the necessary fencing to protect the site.  This project will take approximately 8 weeks to complete.