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Early action puts MQP at the top of the league

Midland Quarry Products lead the way in the 'Carbon Reduction Commitment' performance league table

EARLY action taken by Midland Quarry Products (MQP) has put the company ahead of its peers in the Environment Agency’s 2010/11 Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) performance league table. The Agency scored the performance of MQP against the ‘Early Action’ metric of the CRC at 100% in its performance league table published on 8 November.

The league table positions recognize the steps taken by more than 1,300 companies to drive down their carbon emissions.

MQP demonstrated their ‘early action’ by gaining the Carbon Trust Standard, which is achieved not only on the evidence of a reduction in energy usage, but also for: a commitment to continual improvement by investing in projects to bring further reductions; educating and informing employees of energy demands and their part in reducing that demand; and the empowering of ‘energy champions’ within the workforce to identify and deliver opportunities.

High on the list of evidence was MQP’s uptake of the Carbon Trust-sponsored Carbon Management Energy Efficiency Report. The Carbon Trust commissioned Enviros to examine energy usage at MQP’s Cliffe Hill Quarry, in Leicestershire, and make recommendations in the areas of electricity consumption, mobile plant operations and asphalt production.

One year later Enviros followed up on their report and informed their findings to the Carbon Trust, identifying that their recommendations had been fully embraced by MQP and their implementation had led to an 11% reduction in emissions.

In addition to embracing recommendations by others, MQP have been active in developing and implementing opportunities identified by their own energy champions, such as reducing fuel consumption through driver awareness programmes and making step changes in asphalt plant efficiencies.

MQP’s managing director, Simon Willis, said: ‘This result reinforces our ambition to be the lowest-carbon producer in the industry and clearly shows the savings that can be achieved through hard work and good energy management.’

MQP are not only continuing to drive down their own carbon footprint, but are also determined to help their customers in reducing theirs. This year MQP emerged as the market leader in low-carbon asphalts and they also offer an online calculator which allows their customers to understand the embedded carbon in their products when delivered to site.

09 January 2012