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Cliffe Hill Primary Crusher Move

Crusher Move

The actual move has been planned for 2 years and in the end the machine was moved to the new location on the 15th July in accordance with the plan.

The day before the move the crusher was lifted out of position by the transporter units. It was then balanced on the transporter units with the centre of gravity being determined based upon the weight distribution across the transporters. Whilst there were four transporter units these were set up as three units over which the crusher structure had to be balanced, similar to a milking stool.

The weight of the machine without its two access bridges was 705 tonnes, the adapter was 80 tonnes so in total including the transporter units the whole assembly weighed about 900 tonnes.

On the morning of the move the adapter was bolted to the transporters and when ready it was turned in the correct direction for the journey to its new home.

Just before it arrived at the new location it was stopped so that it could be repositioned so that the crusher could be located onto it’s new foundations. While that was taking place the shims used to level up the crusher were put in place and set to ensure that when placed upon the shims the crusher was dead level.  The machine was sited in its new position on the 16th July.

Crusher New Location

04 August 2015