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MQP urges children to stay safe during summer holidays

With children broken up for summer holidays, MQP has launched its annual Stay Safe campaign warning about the dangers of trespassing on quarry sites.  The company has a number of quarries throughout the Midlands, and the message is clear, "Stay Safe, Stay Away from Quarries."  

David Bagshaw, Managing Director of Midland Quarry Products said: "Every year young people are killed and injured after entering some of the UK's quarries uninvited.  Extremely cold or deep water, falling rocks, unstable terrain and concealed equipment all pose hidden dangers.  Quarries are not playgrounds and I urge parents, teachers and children themselves to be made aware of the dangers posed by trespassing into a quarry.  Our aim is to persuade young people to understand that taking risks could cost them their lives.

"We have worked hard to deter trespassers through fencing off our quarries, erecting warning signs at both our active and closed sites and working with schools to educate young people about the hazards.  Our appeal to parents and teachers is to help us ensure the message gets across."    

25 July 2016