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james macay

James Macey – Technical Supervisor

After gaining the degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours I joined MQP in September 2002.

I started as a Trainee Laboratory Technician where my role included the inspection, sampling and testing of aggregates and bituminous materials to Company and Industry standards.

I have now become Technical Supervisor with my primary responsibilities being the units in the West Midlands at Wednesbury and Ettingshall.

My job involves routine sampling at these units in order to monitor and maintain high standards in product quality it also involves the provision of technical support to customers within the West Midlands and elsewhere.

Within MQP training & development has been an ongoing process and I have received various training in a wide range of fields including health & safety, product quality, environmental and customer service. In addition to these areas I have received training specific to my role within technical on such topics as road construction etc.

MQP have also funded and supported me whilst studying for the examinations of both the Institute of Asphalt Technology and the Institute of Quarrying.

Within my role, every day is different with new challenges constantly arising. The Industry is a dynamic one in which there is always something new to learn, especially within technical. Working within technical is a great learning curve and provides a great insight into the Industry in general.

MQP is a relatively small company with highly committed and motivated individuals who all strive to succeed in a safe workplace to give our customers what they want, when they want it whilst minimising our impact on the environment.

I would personally recommend a career with MQP. On a personal level the support and professional development that I have received has been first class and the opportunities for the development of individuals within MQP are obvious.

There are a number of work achievements of which I am particularly proud. Passing both of the Professional examinations of the Institute of Asphalt technology and the Institute of Quarrying was hugely satisfying. I was the winner of two awards whilst studying for the Institute of Quarrying examination, First prize in the Tilcon award (highest mark in the business management paper) and the runner up prize in the Goodwin Barsby award (highest mark in construction materials testing). A further achievement was my involvement in the commissioning of our Wednesbury Ammann Asphalt plant.

I had an active role within the technical function in the commissioning of the plant. This was a demanding task in which a number of departments and people worked together in order to facilitate the commissioning of the plant. Seeing the fist load of Asphalt leave the plant for road sales was an achievement for everyone concerned.

MQP Maxi Range
MQP Maxi Range

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