Good new-ts at Clee Hill

MQP has been granted a licence from Natural England to translocate Great Crested Newts at the company's quarry at Clee Hill, Ludlow, Shropshire.
MQP was granted permission to expand quarrying operations and as part of the process the company will ensure that the newts are carefully moved beyond the working area.  Four new ponds, with two specially created, will provide an ideal habitat for the newts and a range of other wildlife to thrive.

The company has been planning the operation for months and working very closely with SLR Consulting, the company's environmental consultants, to move the newts as the quarry development progresses.

Hugh McGuigan, Quarry Manager at Clee Hill said: "We are very pleased that Natural England has granted us the licence to translocate the newts.  Their new home will be safe for them to thrive in and hopefully expand further still."

Chris Mitchell of SLR said: "Following issue of the licence, MQP have completed a range of habitat works including the creation of new ponds, restoration of a former pond and enhancement of 7 hectares of grassland habitats.  During the first stage of translocation works this year, over 200 amphibians have been safely relocated including 36 Great Crested Newts.”

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Paul Cross, Commercial Director

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