Technical support

Our Technical Department team provides continuous monitoring of the production quality of all Aggregate and Asphalt products. It ensures that our BS ISO 9001 QA accreditation scheme is effectively operated within the company, and provides a forum for the development of existing and new products.

The main production units operate on site control facilities, operated by Senior laboratory technicians who report into the Technical Manager.

Technical support services provide:

  • Technical support to customers from tender stage through to final contract.
  • Internal technical support to commercial, production and maintenance departments.
  • Full product quality control through our on site laboratories, assessing material quality throughout the production process.

Our technical department gathers a full range of statistical data on the Physical and Mechanical properties of the products that we supply, enabling us to provide appropriate product certification.

This attention to detail enables MQP to consistently maintain a high level of quality in all its Aggregate and Asphalt products, ensuring that we remain a market leader in product technology. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical Support Services