Customer support team

MQP's business is structured and focused to meet our customers' requirements, and is dedicated to achieving total customer satisfaction. MQP sets high standards and targets throughout the Production, Technical, Sales and Customer Services departments, which are systematically reviewed to ensure that our service continues at the highest possible level. Our staff are trained with the appropriate knowledge and skills to ensure that customer requirements are understood and met from enquiry, through all aspects of the delivery process, to invoicing of the materials.

Involving our Customers

By focussing on our customers' needs and understanding what is important to them, we look to involve the whole team in a process of continuous improvement.

We will...

  • Regularly ask our customers for their opinions about our service
  • Keep customers informed about their deliveries.  All orders are monitored from ordering to delivery, with any order later than 30 minutes from despatch time being communicated to the customer. This is achieved by checking every late load has a comment detailing when the site contact was informed.

Our People

We realise that we rely on our staff to deliver excellent customer service/care therefore

We will...

  • Ensure all our staff are trained and competent in their roles
  • Ensure our staff treat customers with respect, courtesy and understanding
  • Train every member of staff in Customer care

Logistics Manager

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson.

Distribution Supervisor

Steve Kendrick

Steve Kendrick.

Logistics Transport Supervisor

Sam Moore

Sam Moore.

Asphalt Planner

Belinda Tunstall

Belinda Tunstall.

Asphalt Planner

Helen Phillips

Helen Phillips.

Aggregate Planner

Steph Grant

Steph Grant.

Order Co-ordinator

Nikki Hutton

Nikki Hutton.

Transport Planner

Ceara Fairbrother

Ceara Fairbrother.

Asphalt Planner

Liam Martin

Liam Martin.

Order Coordinator

Kerry Nicholson

Kerry Nicholson.

Asphalt Planner

Julie Webster

Julie Webster.

Order Coordinator

Emma Miller

Emma Miller.

Order Coordinator

Laura Whyman

Laura Whyman.

Measuring how we perform

We will assess our success by measuring what our customers’ value.

We will...

  • Aim to answer 90% of all calls in less than 10 seconds
  • Aim to investigate all complaints thoroughly within 7 days
  • Aim to have 92% loads on time
  • Aim for the time taken for a vehicle to be loaded and despatched at our Quarries /Plants to be 20 minutes or less

Head office


0330 123 2058


Sales enquiries


0330 123 2061




0330 123 2062


Technical Support


01530 239 426


Please place orders by calling 0330 123 2062