MQP supply a wide range of aggregates from our Cliffe Quarry in Leicestershire. (Cliffe Hill Aggregate Type = Granodite, Group = Igneous) and Clee Hill Quarry in Shropshire (Clee Hill Aggregate Type = Basalt, Group = Igneous)

You will find below descriptions of the broad product groupings but should you require more information or guidance please contact out Technical team at

Aggregate is the term used for blasted rock from a quarry that is crushed and screened to produce smaller sized material suitable for further processing within the construction industry such as fills, ready mixed concrete and asphalt. It can range from 150mm single size down to dust.

Crushed and Screened Hardstone

Where materials are described as Crushed and Screened, this implies that the blasted rock has been processed through a number of crushers and finally screened into single sizes. These single sizes are then recombined in specific proportions for use in a variety of end applications. Where BS EN 13043 is stated, this is normally for general asphalt use. Pipe bedding is also referenced in the Specification for Highway Works (Cl 503) and this latter also includes filter media materials (Cl 505). Where a Standard is not included in the material description, this indicates site or customer specific materials.

Hardstone Dust and Dust Blends

0/4mm and 0/5mm All in Aggregate often known as Dust or Fine aggregate is used widely within the construction industry, it is a key component in the production of Asphalt products, and is used in many of the Drystone products. In addition to the Dust that is produced during the processing of Aggregates, our Cliffe Hill quarry produces a washed 0/4mm All in Aggregate that is ideal as a sand replacement in concrete (see Concrete Agg section), and as a washed grit in the production of Airfield Marshall mixes.

Washed Chippings (including Surface Dressing Chippings)

Single size aggregates tend to fall into the two categories as defined by BS EN 13043, these being aggregates for general purposes and those for specific applications such as Surface Dressing. Our routine production generally focuses on general purpose aggregates, i.e. aggregates for use in the production of asphalt. Such aggregates do not normally requiring washing, although some processes do require materials to be washed to eliminate the fine material naturally present in crushed rock aggregates.

Surface Dressing chippings are used to provide an inexpensive alternative to the re-surfacing of a roadway in Asphalt materials. Bitumen, or Bitumen polymer modified binders are sprayed on to the existing road surface, followed by a thin layer of Drystone or partially coated (with bitumen) surface dressing chippings. The chippings provide a good surface texture; the operation seals the old road surface helping to prolong its life.  Depending on the traffic intensity or location of the surface to be "dressed", a PSV (Polished Stone Value) may also be required.

Crushed Hardstone Capping Layers and Specials

Generally, these materials serve as a stabilising layer to the sub strata prior to receiving a sub base type material or a bulk fill in order to reduce the thicknesses of end asphalt (or concrete) surfacing.

These products are often used as bulk fill materials to make up the sub grade or as fill to structures. Often a product of secondary crushing and receive no further processing.

This group also included other specialised materials such as Rockery stone, Venting stone and Gabion stone (used to stabilise embankments).

Scalpings and By-Products

These materials are often used as bulk fill materials to make up the sub grade or as fill to structures. Often a product of secondary crushing and receive no further processing.

Uncrushed Hardstone

Armour Stone is produced normally in accordance with the CIRIA Specification for the use of rock in coastal defence work. The other products are not manufactured to any particular specification.

Granular Sub Base Hardstone

Granular Sub Base is normally used as the final dry layer prior to surfacing with asphalt materials. In some instances, the Granular Sub Base is used as a running surface for temporary works.

Concrete Aggregates

Concrete aggregates are produced to comply with the requirements of BS EN 12620 and PD 6682-1. Our Cliffe Hill quarry produces a full range of coarse aggregates which are used for the manufacture of a wide range of products including Ready Mixed Concrete, Concrete paving blocks, Pipes and Beams.