Sam Hewitt - Asphalt Production Supervisor

I joined MQP on the LEAD higher apprenticeship scheme in 2014 based at Cliffe Hill quarry. The scheme was based around getting practical supervisory knowledge at work, understanding how the industry works, whilst learning the theoretical side at Derby University. This was distance based learning, which only required going to university a few times a year for tutorial weekends. This meant the onus was on me to keep up to date with the work given by the university through an online portal. During my studies I also completed a level 4 NVQ in supervisory management within the extractive industries which tested my competence to manage work on a day to day basis.

The first 3 years at university was to attain a foundation degree in mineral products technology and this was built up of assignments and a work based project. I am now currently working towards an honours degree, which is an additional 2 years at university which is made up of assignments, a dissertation and exams for each module at the end of the course.

During my first 3 years at Cliffe Hill, I was a trainee supervisor on the quarry side and was involved in various large projects that enabled me to gain invaluable experience on how these work, how they are managed and how they delivered in time and on cost. I also spent the majority of time in the first year spending time within the different departments within the process from start to finish so that I had a good understanding of how everything worked.

As well as learning at Derby University, I have undertaken vast amounts of internal and external training that has allowed me to further develop my supervisory skills and better myself for further progression within the industry. MQP have always supported my development and they have given me an opportunity to gain experience in a dynamic and challenging environment.

I have recently moved to the position of Asphalt Production Supervisor and this will enable me to further develop my experience as a supervisor but also broaden my knowledge within another business line within the company. No day is ever the same which is what I thoroughly enjoy about my job as well as working within a great team that has a huge amount of knowledge and experience to pass on.

Everybody within MQP has been brilliant, I have had constant help, guidance and support throughout my apprenticeship, which I feel has given me an excellent foundation going into an exciting career within the minerals processing industry.