Sam Moore - Transport Supervisor

I joined MQP in September 2007 where I first took up my role as Order Coordinator in the Distribution Department based at Whitwick Head Office. I came into the Industry as a fresh faced 21 year old, eager to build my knowledge and understanding about the Industry. My primary role was dealing with our customer base, processing Asphalt & Aggregate orders on the system in order for the Weighbridges to plan their despatch programme accordingly for the following days.

In June 2008 I moved to the role of Asphalt Planner. My role primarily involved looking after Cliffe Hill Quad, Marini, Griff & Wednesbury Asphalt Plants. This included identifying customer requirements to make best economic use of the company’s resources. I had to make considered commercial judgements when breakdowns occurred, and revise a plan without causing serious implications to the customer. It also entailed liaising closely with production and weighbridge personnel to ensure accurate communication was passed between MQP and the customer.

I particularly enjoyed this time in my career, understanding how each and every one of our asphalt plants mixes in detail, and ultimately resolving day to day plant problems which enabled us to supply our customers with their asphalt requirements.

After 5 years working as an Asphalt Planner I moved into the logistics side of the business to take on the role of a Transport Planner. My role involved ensuring that there were enough lorries in place and available to supply our customers asphalt and drystone demand along with speaking to sub contract hauliers when required. With asphalt and aggregate volumes constantly changing, balancing production, customer service and transport was the ultimate test. It was a challenge to ensure we gave the customer what they wanted when we promised it but a challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed and that was where my passion for transport began.

Early in 2016 I was promoted to Transport Supervisor for MQP reporting directly to the Logistics Manager. I am the main point of contact for all franchise hauliers and manage their associated activities accordingly. I am responsible for creating all new franchise and sub contract haulage accounts with MQP in addition to handling and investigating any accident claims that involve any of our franchise vehicles. My role includes working closely with the Logistics Manager to ensure inductions and audits are carried out in accordance to MPA, FORS and CLOC. I also oversee a team of order coordinators and aggregate/transport planners to ensure the distribution department is run to a high standard.

I love my current role with MQP, I face many different challenges every day, which, along with working with a fantastic team makes it a pleasure to work for MQP.