Steve Kendrick - Distribution Supervisor

I started working at MQP in 2000 as an Order Co-ordinator based in the Head office at Whitwick.  My primary role consisted of dealing with customer enquiries over the phone, be that either placing or chasing orders along with liaising with drivers and the weighbridges.  This was a sharp learning curve for me as I hadn’t had any experience within an office environment on computers or the telephone; I soon fitted in well to an already established team.

In 2003 an opportunity came up for me to move from orders to take up a role as an Asphalt Planner. This was a big change in my role; I was given more responsibility and was dealing more with the weighbridges directly and the plants to ensure that we were offering the best possible solutions to all of our customer’s needs which included dealing with plant breakdowns and special requirements in material manufacture.  This was the time that I also started to be ‘on call’ as an out of hours contact for the customers.  It was difficult at the start as there were so many new things that I had to look into, which also included the building of relationships with customers and colleagues.

After a couple of years in the role of Asphalt Planner I was asked if I’d like to learn in a different department as an opportunity came up within the Transport department as a Transport Planner. This was another good and interesting time at work as I found myself dealing with different and new challenges. This role also involved dealing directly with the weighbridges and plants but within a different context, ensuring that they had enough stone and wagons to cover the work not only for the daytime deliveries but also for night orders. I booked in lorries to supply out of hours work, this included building relationships and trust with the hauliers in an effort to do the best for MQP.  I enjoyed this role and time within the distribution team developing my skills and knowledge further.

In 2007 the role of the Senior Asphalt Planner became available, looking after the Asphalt team.  I was successful with my application to move into this role.  It was different to the original role I undertook as a planner, as this time I had a team leader role within the office reporting directly to the Logistics Manger.  This role encouraged me to take more control of what was happening not just on a day to day basis in the office but also what was happening at all of the units.  I was responsible for ensuring that we as a company and an office could cover all of our customer’s needs and requirements.  This was when I started to be more involved in the Forward Programme which is such a beneficial tool to ensure that MQP meets its vision to give the customer what they want when we promise it.

In 2012 - 2013 I completed an ILM Level 3 Certificate in Effective Management; this was a nine month course, aimed at both new and experienced first line managers.  It covered a wide range of skills to become more confident and effective in a management role by developing skills and knowledge.  This course helped me understand the different types of leadership and management and be more effective at carrying out my role.

In 2015 after 8 years in the role of Senior Asphalt Planner another opportunity presented itself and I was offered the role of Distribution Supervisor within the Order Office.  My role includes leading the team of planners, overlooking the work load of all of the asphalt plants both day and night, as well as working closely with the Transport Supervisor to ensure that the office works together as a team to ensure that we at MQP offer the best service we can to our customers. This was another big step up for me as I now report to the Logistics Manager and the Commercial Director.  It gives me the opportunity to work to the best of my ability to succeed every day, building relationships within the organisation and with customers is instrumental to this, I have found the role interesting and my knowledge and skills have improved further.

I have enjoyed every year working for MQP they are such a great company to work for and I have made a lot of good and interesting friends and colleagues over the past 18 years and continually strive to succeed.