‘Safer by Design’

MQP constantly strive to explore safer and more efficient Working practices. We have been able to:-

  • Listen To the Concerns of the Driver
  • Explore New Innovative Ideas in design
  • Push the Boundaries for Change
  • Challenge Existing Practice.

All this has enabled us to produce a vehicle which is not just “fit for purpose”, but also “Safer by Design” for the professional driver. By listening and understanding the needs and operational requirements of a tipper driver, we are able to adapt the way we do things to enhance a safer working environment. 

The minimum standard and requirement for a franchise to be granted is FORS Bronze accreditation and the vehicle is clocs equivalent.

The franchisee is expected to attain FORS Silver accreditation within a further 12 months.

The picture below shows some of the potential risks associated with a tipper vehicle and improvements made: