Cliffe Hill Planning Application

MQP has submitted a planning application to Leicestershire County Council to secure additional rock reserves at Cliffe Hill Quarry. The quarry’s current reserves will only last until about 2027, so we are proposing an eastern extension to secure production until 2040.

Progress on the Eastern Extension planning application was delayed during the Covid Pandemic. MQP presented the scheme to the Quarry Liaison Committee on the 15th June 2022. A public exhibition presenting the scheme and to answer questions was held at Old Cliffe Hill Quarry over 7 days in July 2022. It was attended by over 30 members of the public. 

The planning application was subsequently submitted to Leicestershire County Council and formally validated on the 12th August 2022 with reference number 2022/EIA/0100/LCC. The application went out to consultation, comments were received until 30th September 2022.

The link to the County planning portal which contains the full application  is (enter the ref no. and agree to T&Cs).

Electronic copies of the application documents may not be presented on the LCC website in the order provided. Therefore, the Non-Technical Summary (to the Environmental Statement) with summary plans and Planning Statement are attached to this page.

The scheme proposes a lateral extension of the quarry towards the M1 motorway. It will require the relocation of Cliffe Lane and a realignment of the eastern end of Cliffe Hill Road. A new roundabout will be built, and pavements added along the full length. Before extraction commenced the landscape screening on the quarry’s existing eastern edge would be rebuilt on the new quarry boundary.

Based on comments received from consultees and stakeholders Leicestershire Mineral Planning Authority issued a formal request for additional information in December 2023. A substantial part of the request related to detailed highway design matters. The final submission covering all the aspects raised was submitted at the end of November 2023. In summary the proposed development of the quarry has not changed, some additional landscaping has been added and improvements to pavement and footpath connectivity. This has required the original suite of plans to be updated as Revision A. The first in th sequence Plan EE-DEV-001 Rev A is available here for download.

If planning permission is granted in 2024, works would commence in the extension area, involving the re-routeing of Cliffe Lane, landform screening and landscaping, in 2027. The existing road network would remain open (as far a practicable) until the new road was built.